Wednesday, March 10, 2010

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Friday, February 1, 2008

Return to Regina

Mark, Clayson and I headed back to Regina/Wadena, Saskatchewan last week, to follow up with Dr. McCarville and meet/see all the Canadians who got quite familiar with Mark back in October but he had never met. Even though the weather was a got down to 50 below zero and we had to endure a blizzard, one day the high was -30, this trip was much more enjoyable than my last journey to the northern territory.

We went to the scene of the accident in hopes it may trigger some memories of the event, but we had no such luck. It was fun for me and Clayson to see where the guys hunt, even though it was hard for me to imagine ducks inhabiting a place covered in snow with moose and buffalo looming around each corner. We stayed at Earl and Florence Christiansen's farm and Clayson had fun assisting Flo with feeding the cows. Clayson made fast friends with Carmen's kids and they took us for a ride on the Ski doo (snowmobiles). Clayson went to his first hockey game and visited a curling rink. Many people in town were confused when they saw Mark there in the dead of winter and not during duck season but they were glad to see how good he looked.

The doctors and nurses were over joyed to see Mark, the real walking talking, Mark. They told us they seldom get the opportunity to see their patients after or if they recover and it was therapeutic for all of us. We went to the hospital at 9:00pm one night and Sherry, Pat, Linzie and Garth came with a choclate cake, cider and coffee we had a reunion right there in the ICU outside room #4. The nurses couldn't say enough about how much they enjoyed Larry and Darrin. Something about what happend in room #4 stays in room #4??? Garth, one of the Canadian nurses is planning to write a paper on Mark's miraculous experience. It appears there are only 6 people in Canada who have had this procedure. Of course, Mark has invited all the doctors, nurses and friends to visit us Sikeston we'll have to wait to see if they come. There were only a few people we didn't get to see but we left cards and gifts for everyone.

The doctors are pleased with Marks progress and say they expect him to continue to gain strength and be back to his old self soon. They want him to have an annual CT scan for the next several years and wean him off the blood pressure medication in a few months. We are still struggling to get our insurance to pay our Canadian medical bills but we will continue the fight.

Sunny Coles invited us to stay with her while we were in Regina and it was very nice to have a comfortable place to warm up and wind down each night. We appreciate all the love she has shown us. We were able to attend churh on Sunday and thank all the church members who supported us throughout our stay in Regina.

As for our return home.....well we have yet to make it home. We got to the airport at 4:30am and got stuck on an airplane in Toronto for 3 hours then stranded in Chicago for the night. It was a bit of a nightmare. We have been rescheduled on a flight headed to Memphis at 3:40 this afternoon if it doesn't get cancelled. We are hoping to make it home before our Super Bowl party on Sunday. I'm sure the party will go on even if we aren't able to be there. Ha! Ha!

Thanks for all your support throughout this trial.

Stephanie, Mark and Clayson

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Our Christmas Letter

"The Miracle on N. Ranney Street"

Our miracle began over 2000 years ago when our Savior was born. Flash forward to the year 2007 and the miracles continue with our miracle on Ranney Street. The Texas Christmas tree is up and the “Leg Lamp” adorns the front picture window here on N. Ranney and the magic of Christmas is bringing joy and excitement to our home.

We are thankful for many blessings this year but none stand out as much as Mark’s recovery from his tragic accident. It was one of those experiences you hope you will never have to endure again. We sometimes can’t imagine how we survived, but we know it has brought us so much closer to our friends, family and our lives have been blessed by the trial.

We are amazed at the blessings we have received from our family and enduring friendships. Each of you are a wonderful example of what is good. We will forever be grateful to all of you. We watched in amazement at how our support group somehow wove themselves together and created the most comforting blanket to shelter and support us throughout our greatest trial. You were there to help bear our burdens, mourn with us and comfort us when we were in need.

The boys are at the center of our life we enjoy each minute we have with them. All three are highly motivated by food and they amaze us by how much they can put away.

Justin is enjoying freedom and has become a wonderful young man. Working at
Best Buy; up by the crack of noon just in time for college classes. Late night studies and to bed by dawn. Talking to girls and hanging with friends consume a great amount of his time.

From video games to academic team, Steven is busy being a teenager. Just when we thought his personality and sense of humor had peaked he continues to make us laugh even more. He is working hard to complete his Eagle Scout in order for him to earn his drivers license.

Clayson is in Kindergarten and has discovered a great love of reading and Webkins.
He has a great appreciation for all God’s creatures and keeps us on our toes with all of them he manages to sneak into the house. He claims he will one day be the next “Steve Irwin.”

Mark has made a miraculous recovery. He is back to work and his employees have welcomed him and been amazed at his strength and will power to carry on. Just goes to show he has been thoroughly blessed with outward and inward strength from above. Activities with our family, friends and church seem to fill my days and be of most importance in my life. I seldom find time for much else. I love having my sister Christi and her family here to help us. It really livens things up around here and lightens our burden. We plan to join Mark’s family in Texas the day after Christmas and then return to Canada to reunite with the Canadian doctors and friends that assisted in our miracle.

I have no idea how we would have survived Christmas without the prayers, fasting and sacrifices made by so many of you. You have all helped to bring a magnificent miracle into ours life we will never forget.

Know that we are thinking of you and wishing you all the best for experiencing Gods miracles that are sure to be great in 2008.

The Andersons

Friday, December 7, 2007

Because I know how much you all care.

So sorry I have not been updating the blog as much as many of you would like. I can't really tell if Mark likes it when I update or not. I know he wants to keep everyone informed but he doesn't want me to be going on and on about stuff you all really don't give a darn about. So I will do my best to update but please understand why it's not always consistent.

Things seem to be clicking along here at home. We got a good report from Dr. Uthoff yesterday. He listened, poked and questioned to try and uncover how the recovery is progressing. He reduced the amount of blood pressure medication Mark is currently taking, and seems to think all is well. Mark assumed he wouldn't have to have another appointment but the doctor wants to continue seeing him on a regular basis. I was happy about that one.

Mark made it to the office everyday this week and is continuing to show signs of improvement. I do hope he doesn't overdo it, but I am trying to keep my mouth shut and allow him to do what he feels like he can. We have a doctor's appointment in Cape with Dr. New next week. Andrea from Arris is helping us with airline tickets to Canada. We greatly appreciate her generosity and are anxious to get back up there mid January.

We hosted a Duck's Unlimited commottee meeting in the "Man House" last night. We sauteed and boiled around 18 pounds of shrimp (left over from the banquet) and the guys enjoyed getting to pig out and visit for a few hours.

The boys are on there way over and we are looking forward to seeing them. Of course Justin has a double blind date tonight therefore he will probably drop Steven, say hello and go fill up his tank (because he can charge it to Mark's account) and race back to Paducah.

We hope you all have a great weekend. Thank you all for everything.